Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Halloween Morning!!!

We volunteered at Margret's Soup Kitchen together!


So it's obvious what Simon and I dressed up as for Halloween! :) We had planned a friends hangout of the 1st of November, but couldn't let our costumes go to waste, so we attended a YSA dance and were a huge hit! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The daily!!!

So you're probably thinking where's Simon, and why isn't he helping Danielle carry all that stuff or at least tip her helmet out of her eyes... well Simon's in control of the camera... he actually carried my bike up the stairs for me! He was just laughing :) We volunteer at a local soup kitchen and once in a while they'll give us free food... hence the orange juice, and we even scored Simon some brown dressier shoes... which we've been looking for for a while now... We're always laughing and having an awesome time together!

Simon's in the shower with my coat on testing it to see if it's waterproof or not... We need a good waterproof coat for Germany... I told him if we were going to make this test realistic the water needed to be cold... you can imagine the squeal when that water hit his backside! hehehe He's a trooper! And the coat failed the water proof test. What can I say... I got it for $20 in China! :) Can't believe everything the tags say!

This is one of our favorite pictures! You can't look at it and not crack a smile! This is actually our fake laugh picture... we laughed after, but those are entirely silent... I know... we're good and we fooled you! :) This was taken the Summer we met... It was LOVE!

The Update...

Simon and I moved to Nova Scotia, Canada mid-July and have had nonstop adventures since. Living in three different houses in two months! Long story... lets just say we're expert packers! It rains A LOT here, but despite the rain we've managed to get out quite a bit and enjoy the beauty of the coast. Simon's teaching me to surf, which we both love! We've taken up tennis, rollerblading and quilting! We're packing for our next adventure this weekend: Germany! We're going to spend 10 days or so with Suzy and Caleb Lakey! We're so excited. Simon works at the Halifax airport and gets great travel benefits! Hooray for Simon! :)

I was able to go home to Idaho a couple weeks ago to visit the family... which was so fun! Ty keeps growing (6'1 now)! I got the chance to watch him run a couple of his cross country meets! That kids an animal! This meet was a Eagle Island Park, and it was pouring rain... go figure. I brought it from Nova Scotia to Idaho. Whoops. We were almost a good looking family... but Simon's was missing...

My nephew Brae's getting teeth and learning new things everyday. I can't believe I'm missing it. We have no idea what this face means, but he started making it one day, and we can't help but laugh when he makes it! He looks like a little old man with the suspenders, and the hippie hair! He's fun! Aren't these eyes to die for! :)

I was able to visit with my amazing grandparents! My grandma read to my grandpa and I from one of her many books of poems she's written or collected from over the years! They're so fun and love to have company!! She even baked one of her famous chocolate cakes for me! Mmmm!